Dear Nanna,

I am very happy to write this review. It was the time before I consulted “nanna” when I was 72 kgs(height 164 cm) . I looked fat for my height and I had a good amount of fat in the body. I tried running for 15 mins at 12km/hr once in three days to reduce my weight. But after a month, I was the same. The reason for that was “Food”. After workout, I would feel very hungry and I used to eat too much. I did not know anything about having a balanced diet. I searched in net and the solutions they gave was either expensive or it was suitable for my daily lifestyle.

Then I made an appointment with “Mrs.Nanna” . She asked about my daily activities and my wish. If she had just given me some diet which is very difficult to follow, I am sure that I would not have followed it. But the things she spoke was interesting. She could give me variety of options with balanced amount of proteins, fat , carbohydrates and vitamins. It was like I could “EAT ANYTHING “ but I should remember my calorie account in my mind. She gave a strong statement “ if you follow this diet, you will reduce one kg per week or more than that. If you lose more than that, then start eating little bit more. If you are not reducing, then I am sure you are out of the diet”. It was true, I followed her diet plan and I reduced 6 kgs in 6 weeks. It was really shocking to me and I myself devised balanced diet for my friends and relatives back in India from the information I got from Mrs.Nanna. Again I went to her after 6 weeks and I asked for a diet to build my muscles. She changed my diet plan and it is also working very well. I can strongly recommend Mrs.Nanna to anyone.

Consult and live healthier !!
Thanks and Regards,

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